Agent to hire

Photographer representation

I am pleased to offer a unique service for photographers who, without representation, may require the knowledge of an experienced agent on a job by job basis.

Acting on your behalf and as your consultant you can take advantage of my knowledge and experience to advise on fee’s and usages. Or if you are busy shooting and a brief to pitch has landed in your inbox and you’re short of time. I would be happy to work this up on your behalf and actively seek to win the pitch.

I can handle the full production from attending pre-production meetings, recce, castings all the way through to final invoice. Ensuring that when you are on set you can be confident that all elements of the production and crews have been taken care of and you can concentrate on delivering the creative.

My reputation has been built upon open communication, integrity, trust and experience. Many of my friendships today started out as a creative collaborations. I’m unafraid to challenge: to push the barrier to deliver the results you want as I will always look to bring solutions. Most importantly, I’m told I am fun to work with as happy crews equals a happy client and a creative delivered.

Should you wish to know more about this service or have a project on the horizon please don’t hesitate to get in touch.