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Fred Corcoran People, Corporate Lifestyle & Landscape Photographer - Private Commission Landscapes for sale

We connect you with local talent


Global Assignments is more than just an international visual talent agency. We give you access to commission new, up-and-coming or leading photography and videography stars with the skill to ensure that your shoot is delivered on time, on budget and on brand and, in the process, we help you contribute to your organisation’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts

We connect you to local talent

We’re passionate about promoting local talent. We have scoured the four corners of the globe to find the very best visual experts out there so that every client has the option of accessing exceptional photographers and videographers in their vicinity. They’ll not only be more in tune with location, language and styles to suit your needs, but we can keep our fees low as travel costs are minimised.


"I got it!

Thanks again Pam for your Advice on the Barclays shoot.

The client flew back to London yesterday and they are extremely happy with the images". Ilan Godfrey, Documentary Photographer, South Africa

"I have known Pam for more than 20 years. During that time we have worked together regularly and I have been fortunate to receive commissions for a variety of her clients both domestic and international. Pam has also helped me negotiate licensing, packaging and advertising usages on my behalf for various clients and is currently consulting with me on a book of my landscapes. Pam has unparalleled professionalism when it comes to her work. Client satisfaction is paramount. Her extensive production experience within the photography industry coupled with her ability to deliver a brief on time and on budget makes her a valuable addition to any project.

Fred Corcoran, Commercial Lifestyle & Landscape photographer, Ireland






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