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Michel Porro People & Portrait Photographer / Amsterdam


If you are a photographer or videographer – just starting out or a seasoned professional – who would like to be represented by Pamela Nolan and the team at Global Assignments, we offer a broad range of agency services you can tap into.

From ad hoc support and advice to exclusive representation, we are here to help boost your prospects in what can sometimes be a challenging commercial world.

Our agency services may range from telephone support or helping a busy photographer to convert Inbox enquiries into winning proposals all the way up to full production management – from scouting locations and casting to the submission of the final edit – and everything in-between.

We are proud to represent some of the most skilled photographers and videographers across the globe, helping them to grow their talents, reputations and businesses, and we’d love to add you to their number.


If you are interested in discussing how our agency services could help to enhance, expedite or support your creative goals, contact us on 020 7118 1163 or email hello@globalassignments.agency

Delivering a truly supportive service for your creative goals



"Pam is a dedicated professional and I have been fortunate to have worked with her on various commissions. Pam has a depth of knowledge of the industry and coupled with an understanding of client needs both creatively and financially she's a huge asset to have on board for any project".

jOHN sLATER Corporate & commercial lifestyle photographer, uk


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