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Duncan Nicholls Sport Active Lifestyle Photographer - Chicago Bears London NFL International League

Sport active lifestyle & active wear

Sports media, retail brands, and corporate and educational institutions, are just some of those who may need this expertise. Sports photography requires a very special set of skills and equipment to capture fast-moving, unpredictable moments in time and we have some of the very best sports photographers in the business. Better still, they are located across the globe, so no matter where your game or event is being held, we’ll have a photographer there to capture those memories and moments for you.

So, whether you are looking for a set of images for your sports apparel brand’s marketing, an iconic picture from your team’s winning game or a photograph to capture the moment fans have been waiting so long for, contact Global Assignments for a sports photographer when and where you need them


To discuss your sport photography needs on 020 7118 1163 or email hello@globalassignments.agency

Sport Active Lifestyle

The world of sports is a branding goldmine. Maybe one of the most formidable brands in the world is that of basketball legend Michael Jordon. The moment when Jordan the sportsman laid the groundwork to become Jordan the global brand was the photograph of his iconic ‘dunk’, the silhouette of which became the logo we now associate with that brand . Our unique Sport Photography Division represents some of the best sport photographers in the world. Our talent has shot for top tier global brands Gymshark, sports bodies such as Sports England and brands like Super Dry, to name but a few. Our sport photographers and videographers all have the experience and skills to consistently deliver complex creatives even in remote locations for top-tier brands, sport initiatives and new brands coming to market

Sport Active Wear / Apparel

Fitness and fashion go hand in hand. While the original intention behind activewear was indeed for physical exercise, sports apparel is now seen as well and truly within the multi-billion pound style, fashion and everyday wear market. Most high street fashion brands also have an active wear department. Some have enlisted high-profile ex professionals like Denise Lewis for Next, Olympic hopeful Dina Asher Smith for Nike, fitness models for Canterbury or up-and-coming athletes as their brand ambassadors, many of whom our photographers have had the privilege of shooting.


Sport Action

Live action sport photography is seen as another branch of photojournalism. From shooting at international events such as the Olympics, the World Cup or even a game of tennis, knowing the sport and predicting what may happen next is critical in the composure of these images. The goal, of course, is to capture the emotion, energy, passion and heroic triumphs of the game, with these iconic moments becoming ingrained in print. Iconic examples include Diego Maradona’s ‘Hand of God’ in the 1986 FIFA World Cup, Jesse Owens winning four gold medals in the 1936 Berlin Olympics and Bobby Riggs vs Billie-Jean King (where winning meant so much more than just a game to King and others who recognised the match as highlighting gender inequality in pay and recognition in the sport). All of these moments that inspired cultural change and thrilled the world were captured by Sport Action photographers.

unique sports division representing some of the best sport photographers in the world.


“Duncan’s photos have surpassed our expectations. He perfectly understood the brief and we’ve got a wide range of brilliant and engaging photography as a result that captures the joy and fun of exercising.”

Frances drury, this girl can / sport england


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