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As a visual talent agency we are passionate about making an impact on the world, but behind every action we take there is also a conscious effort to ensure that we make the right kind of impact.

Given the thousands of individuals we work with and alongside, we feel a weight of responsibility to ensure that our sustainability ethos is shared by all those who represent us.

Therefore, we approach the question of sustainability in four ways – the way we run our business, the way we run our shoots, the people we choose to work with, and how we give back to the planet.

How we run our business

Paperless office and processes. We do everything in our power to reduce the unnecessary use of paper. This includes, among other things, emailing digital call sheets rather than printing them, and accepting electronic signatures on all agreements.

Energy consumption. From the energy provider we use to the journeys we make we are mindful of the impact they will have on the environment, always looking for a ‘greener’ way.

How we run our shoots

Single-use plastics ban. This is a policy extended to all crew, caterers, suppliers and anyone representing us on location. Any deviation from this policy will result in a mandatory donation to a carbon offsetting charity.

Minimising food waste. While we wish to feed our crew well while they are on location we are precise in our assessment of requirements to minimise food waste. Should there be any leftovers, crew are always encouraged to take home a doggie bag or donate to a local food bank.

Recycling An eco-friendly mindset is engrained in every member of our team, so when they’re finished on site they are encouraged to take away their rubbish and to recycle where possible.

How we choose who we work with

Our photographers and videographers Views on environmental responsibility may differ around the globe; however, part of our selection criteria to for all our photographers and videographers is their commitment to our sustainability ethos.

Our suppliers and caterers. We can only ever do our best to live up to our social and environmental responsibilities and that’s all we ask of those we work with.

How we give back

One Tree Planted. For every assignment we work on, and throughout the year to offset any red in our environmental ledger as a business, we contribute to this amazing charity which plants trees for us across the world.

Positive environmental change. As the North London/Barnet lead of the Crisp Packet Project, where empty washed packets are upcycled into blankets and bivvy bags for the homeless, we have recycled literally tonnes of single-use plastics over the years, showing how one company can make a difference.

Underpinning our sustainability ethos is our business model – to champion the use of local visual talent on photo shoots and video productions across the world to minimise the carbon footprint of our business and those of our wonderful clients.

If you would like to commission one or more of our photographers or videographers for any purpose, anywhere in the world, contact us on 020 7118 1163 or email

crisp packet project north london



Together we can make a difference

Giving life to one use plastics and saving lives. Just magic 💚 recycling crisp packets making survival items we are a non profit organization started and based in  Hastings. Working with homeless charities to distribute these items.

When you have nothing this is something 🌟

People helping people that’s what life is all about  💚

Bringing people together 🌟

Get making these life saving items for your community 💚



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