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Fred Corcoran


About FRED

I'm a professional photographer (BA hons photography University of Westminster London) living in the west of Ireland .

In 2002, I moved back to Ireland where I continue to work for a wide and varied client base of Corporate and Commercial clients. Re adjusting to a rural setting after many years living and working in cities was not easy. Most of my work at that point had been studio based and the transition to the countryside was at first a little strange and intimidating.

My first attempts in those early days to capture the landscape were filled with self doubt and disappointment . I lacked motivation and direction , something that became glaringly obvious in the work I was producing . At one point I made the decision to stop taking pictures . A six month hiatus followed . During that time I walked , watched and started to develop an understanding of the landscape around me . Subtle changes in the weather , the ocean , and the migratory patterns of birds were just some of the things I began to notice for the first time . When I started to visualise and compose images in my head I knew it was time to pick up my camera again .

I am inspired by the landscape and I feel a responsibility to convey its raw beauty in an artistic and aesthetically pleasing way through my images . The work I produce has evolved with time and experience and although I consider myself a seasoned professional I am still learning . I work regularly and with the same enthusiasm and expectation I started out with because the landscape is never boring and there are always images waiting to be made.

International Clients Include, Santander, Apple, Bord-Bia, Go Compare, Superdry

My work has been exhibited in Ireland and the UK including Photo Oxford Festival . Limited edition prints of my work reside in private collections worldwide.

My Landscape work is soon to be serialised by Fuji Film Nordic



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a personal note

"Landscape photography can be a powerful communicator in the struggle for conservation and the protection of our environment . If I can contribute in any way to highlight this and make a beautiful image along the way then that’s a very good day . The years have taught me to slow down when it comes to visualising my art , its not a race , its a journey . Some days you are rewarded with a wonderful image , other days you happily settle for the experience" .

- Fred


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