Jeremy Sutton Hibbert People Portrait Documentary Reportage Corporate Environmental CSR Social Enterprise Lifestyle Photographer Photography Local Regional Global Scottish Scotland Edinburgh Glasgow Unsullied And Untarnished portrays the people of the towns of the Scottish Borders tradition, local history  communities, annual Common Riding festivals Braw Lassies Honest Lads, Left Hand Lassies and Right Hand Men, Cornets Coldstreamers young boy wears riding hat and waist coat holding reins of horse
Jeremy Sutton Hibbert People Portrait Documentary Photographer - Published Unsullied & Untarnished

Jeremy Sutton Hibbert



About Jeremy

Jeremy Sutton Hibbert grew up in Scotland, where on his 13th Birthday he received a gift of a camera. A few years later Jeremy subsequently became a UK based photographer for editorial, corporate & NGO clients.

His work has appeared in magazines such as Time, National Geographic, Italian Geo, Le Figaro, The Guardian, The Sunday Times and many others. For the past decade Jeremy has been one of the principle photographers for Greenpeace International.

In recent years Jeremy was based in Japan, but missing the raw weather has now relocated back to his home country of Scotland.

His work has taken him to over 100 countries as far flung as Antarctica and outer Mongolia. His personal and commissioned work, for which he has been the recipient of photojournalism awards, has been widely published and exhibited across Europe and the USA.

Books include: Scottish Orange Walks, Longannet Colliery, Klondykers Shetland, Nelson Mandela Glasgow, Shipbuilding on the River Clyde, North Sea Fishing, The Common Riding, The Roma Portraits, Unsullied & Untarnished

Collections: St Andrew's University Special Collections photo archive, St Andrew's, Scotland. The Scottish Photography Archive, National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland. The National Museum of Photography, Film, Television, Bradford, England, UK. The Navigator Foundation, Massachusetts, USA- Standard Life Investments, Edinburgh, Scotland.





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document scotland

Jeremy Sutto-Hibbert is a member of Document Scotland, a collective of four Scottish documentary photographers , brought together by a common vision to witness and photograph important and diverse stories within Scotland. For the past seven years they have worked on their individual photographic projects, shared their work and the photography of others in self-printed publications, and exhibited nationally and internationally.





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