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Ben McDade People, Portrait & Lifestyle Photographer - On Assignment with British Airways Cabin Crew

people & portrait photography

Our roster of people and portrait photographers have been selected not only for their photographic skill but also for their own personal affability – their ability to work with all manner of people, from all walks of life and to bring out their very best side in the images they deliver. A good portrait photographer will be able to get great results, regardless of the conditions in which they are shooting. That is because their understanding of all the elements – from composition and lighting to what will help a subject feel at ease – means that they can achieve consistency of quality. Great portrait photographers don't follow trends but instinctively know how to get the best out of their subjects.

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Our portrait photographers’ goal is always to allow the subject’s personality to shine through and to capture their emotions – the real them. This may involve lighting, props, backdrops, wardrobe and makeup, on location or in a studio – whatever works for the image you are looking to capture. We never forget that there is more than one way to capture a portrait, and our portrait photographers know that the real secret to a quality result is to make every single person in front of the camera feel like a celebrity.

We have a close professional relationship with all our photographers and we make sure that we only work with the very best visual talent who share our company ethos and are committed to delivering on your requirements – on brief, on budget and on time.

So, if you are looking to achieve the perfect image of your CEO, to capture a ‘day in the life’ of your employees or to take pictures of team members across your organisation – even if this means shoot locations in twenty different countries across the globe – look no further as we have the talent and expertise to manage these requests. All your project needs will be managed by one dedicated account manager, so you can have a single point of contact no matter how global the nature of your assignment.

we only work with the very best visual image makers.


The team through Global Assignments agency were fantastic people to work with. And the images that Ben created from the shoot were fantastic.
At every step of the process, from pre-shoot planning, (a brief pause to have a baby!), a packed shoot across multiple locations, and throughout post-production until final delivery of the selected images, Ben and Pamela exceeded all our expectations.
Pamela moved mountains to make everything come to gather perfectly. Ben’s creativity, understanding, and translation of the brief was amazing. 

Thank you once more for everything you delivered, and thank you for reminding me of this fantastic shoot. 



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